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Episode 012 – Growling at the Gubbins (and Other Sex Crimes)

After some cancelled sessions, the boys finally get back in the studio to stick it to the gender stereotyping of sex toys, suggest that you should always know where your gun is and try to disguise the fact that they are drinking beer (going by the tone,they largely fail at this last part). As always, you can get free music and other media from the links at where you can also get in touch with the Dads and support the show.

WARNING: Explicit content – NSFW

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Dickhead of the Week

Macapaca and the Pipe

So, we’re watching In the Night Garden. Again. And it suddenly hit me – if you imagine that Macapaca’s trumpet is actually a bottle of Scotch, it all takes on a horrible, dark twist. Living by himself in isolation, wheeling around his trolley filled with all his possessions, constantly taking a pull to numb the pain. He cleans the metaphorical windscreens of the other characters’ faces, but they never pay him.

Or, as @EyeonicDJ¬†stated, maybe it’s a crack pipe. Which actually makes more sense. I mean, the guy collects rocks and lives in a cave. And look at those bags around his eyes – he’s a common crack fiend. Going to sleep at night, hugging a rock to himself; his only comfort in a world of colour and light that he just doesn’t fit into. If only someone could release him from his crippling addiction, or show just one act of kindness – maybe he wouldn’t feel so alone.

Or maybe In the Night Garden is just fucking weird.

And maybe so am I.

Thomas & The Devil


DAN: “Come to Drayton Manor! Come and waste a fuck tonne of money to stand around in a queue all day with all the other retards and spend ¬£10 on a portion of shitty chips”.

Seriously, why did I agree to this? I HATE these places. If hell is real and I end up there (let’s face it, I would*) then it will be a colossal theme park that you are never allowed to leave. I’m not super fond of fairground rides or roller coasters anyway, so these places have no attraction for me in any way. Add in the crowds, the fact that my kids are too young to understand the point of queuing and some rain, and this is pretty much the pits.

Of hell.


*And so would you.

A little slice of things to come…

Just to keep you entertained while you wait for more episodes, you can listen to our “pilot” episodes HERE. There is also video of some of them. For example, jump into our game of Cards Against Humanity¬†in this section of Episode 9. Enjoy!

Merry Xmas! Or not.


Bob: How was your christmas?

Dan: Chaos. Neither of the kids were well so no-one got any sleep and it was really stressful. You?

Bob: Same. What a shit christmas.

“‘Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Coughing and spluttering
And a vomiting mouse.”

Dan: Ha! But remember: baby Jesus loves you.

Bob: He was a fucking BABY. He loved tits, sleep and waking other people up. Notice how they missed the part in the nativity where the shepherds and Kings got up and left saying “Saviour¬†or not, you noisy bastard, you’re doing my head in”.

Dan: I like tits and sleep too, but I see no reason to be a dick about it by waking people up and telling them.

Bob: Yeah, and we don’t start screaming when we haven’t had either for two hours.

Dan: … speak for yourself.