Episode 014 – Keep Your Interesting Life!

Well, shit. Literally. Rich tells his tale of woe as Dan and Rob attempt to make light of the situation by talking about a desensitizing penis spray. Oh, and heads up: Rob’s a psychopath. Stay ten meters away at all times. As always, you can get free music and other media from the links at http://www.sadmaddads.com where you can also get in touch with the Dads and support the show.

WARNING: Explicit content – NSFW

More free music at https://mrrichstokes.bandcamp.com/ and http://www.aquilalovesyou.com

Featured links:

Stad 5000 Delay Spray – https://www.amazon.com/Shoppingfire-Delay-Longer-Premature-Ejaculation/dp/B019XYVTUI

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