Episode 013 – Sensitivity and Delicious Assholes

A short episode this month as the Dads are plagued with illnesses and Rich’s house has exploded. They still manage to discuss the differences in approaches to mental health management and remember the importance of abusing your friends. As always, you can get free music and other media from the links at http://www.sadmaddads.com where you can also get in touch with the Dads and support the show.

WARNING: Explicit content – NSFW

More free music at https://mrrichstokes.bandcamp.com/ and http://www.aquilalovesyou.com

Featured song: “Sensitive” by Rich Stokes @MrRichStokes

Featured links:
Cards Against Humanity https://cardsagainsthumanity.com/
Poorly Summarized Podcast – http://poorlysummarized.com/

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